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Being a master of ceremonies is a dedicated skill and so much more than being the relative or friend at a celebration that can speak fluently and introduce speeches at the appropriate time of an event. Working with you in a collaborative fashion to get the best order of service for whatever the occasion, and being able to adapt seamlessly when things don't go quite like they should. The role of the MC is to be the focal point for everything that is happening at a ceremony without being demanding or obviously in the way. Years of experience with reading a crowd can also help when it comes to the delivery of such an important role. a role that can make or break any ceremony.


  • A tailored run sheet that is decided upon with the person(s) organising the celebration that outlines all aspects of what needs to happen and what you would like to see included, with time stamps along the way so that everyone knows where they need to be at any given time.  

  • Expert collaboration and suggestions to make your event run smoothly. 

  • Appointments as necessary prior to your event either face to face or via Zoom/Facetime.

  • Timely response via email/phone for all communication, questions, concerns regarding your event.

  • Your choice of what I wear. Formal, Casual or somewhere in between. You can see from all the photos that I have some fairly unique shirts, shoes and ties that I just love wearing for any ceremonies that I am honoured to be a part of. 

  • Clear communication with all vendors and guests with regards to timings, changes or omissions during the ceremony.  

  • Professional wireless, portable sound equipment (Chiayo Focus 505 Pro) setup to ensure all guests can hear me and what is going on throughout your event. Cordless microphone and/or headset microphone as the occasion requires.

My cost to provide MC services starts at $600.00  

Weddings - Ceremony (as your Celebrant) and Reception:

  • A personal guarantee that I will not book any other work on your wedding day. You will have me all to yourself on your special day as your celebrant and wedding master of ceremonies.   

  • Up to 2 hours between Marriage Ceremony and reception start time without additional cost 

  • Up to 4 hours at the wedding reception as your Master of Ceremonies

  • An outfit change between both commitments. Checkout all the photos on my website, I have some fairly unique shirts, shoes and ties that I just love wearing for any ceremonies that I am honoured to be a part of. You may want a subtly more relaxed reception with jeans after wearing a suit for the ceremony. Formal, Casual or somewhere in between, I can make it all work.


On occasion it may be necessary for me to add costs that I incur to the cost of me providing my services. In all cases these will be discussed and agreed to prior to the sending of my invoice.


Travel Costs:

  • Travel in excess of 120km round trip of postcode 2261 or within 120km round trip of postcode 4107 for Brisbane ceremonies will be charged as per the ATO guidelines at $0.78 per km. Any TOLLS incurred will be charged at cost. 


  • Should accommodation be required a cost of $200.00 will be added to your invoice

Ceremony Rituals:

  • Rituals performed at weddings as part of the Ceremony or as part of the MC duties (candle, sand, water, handfasting) will attract an additional cost.

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