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I am a lover not a fighter and truly in love with love and all the raw emotion that it brings to us as humans in various forms and at various times in our lives. From the naming of a baby in the presence of a loving family and friends to the love of two people strong enough to respect the sanctimony of marriage and all the ups and downs that come with being a couple. The richness of love and respect of those that pass away and no longer have a physical presence on earth along with all that they leave behind and even the loss of a family pet… these milestones need to be remembered and embraced for all that they are worth.

My promise to every client that engages my services is that I will capture the essence of what I hear in our conversations and the notes that I take…I will then take these conversations and make them into something that will stand the test of time so that it is remembered by all that matter for years to come. I will be the best that I can be to ensure that every ceremony is delivered in a professional manner.  

Life would be really boring if everyone was on the same page with everything that happens in a lifetime. For that reason alone I may not be the person that everyone is going to want as a Celebrant and I respect that. What I bring to the table for any person that needs a Celebrant for any celebration is an honest and heartfelt perspective to celebrations that will warm the hearts of all people in a room whatever the occasion.

I am very community focused and hold various leadership roles in the many communities that I serve. My life is rich and privileged in many ways and Celebrancy fits my brief as a human. It gives me a purpose to share what I am good at with those that need a way to articulate the way that they feel or the sharing of prose to honour and love that they have for another person.

  • If you take the time to send me an email I will make the time to reply…

  • If you want to meet up with me to discuss engaging me as your Celebrant I will buy the coffee…

  • If you engage me as your Celebrant I will give you 100% commitment to writing and performing a ceremony that you will be proud of and remember for years to come.

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