Love is love no mater the time, the place, the gender, the circumstances.

Getting Married is up there with the biggest decision you will make in your life.

Finding that one person that you can do "forever" with is like no other feeling in the world.

I will make your day extra special by delivering a ceremony that you will remember long after the champagne is finished and you have started your journey as a couple. 



Every person has a story.

Every life has a purpose and Every life is worth celebrating.


I am here to help you find that special verse, that song, the words that make it all feel right.


Naming a child, remembering a loved pet, Renewing your Vows...Whatever the reason, the ceremony is all about how we as humans celebrate life and all that it has to offer.


My promise to all people that trust me with their ceremonies is that I will find a way to deliver words that are perfect.



Funerals are tough.


There is no other time in a person's life when they are more vulnerable than when they are involved as a family member at a funeral.

The loss, the stress, the ones left behind... 


At the heart of every service is the word RESPECT. I am probably not the traditional "Funeral Celebrant" but my ceremonies are all about celebrating life of a loved one that is no longer with us in the physical sense.